Alison is a vegan cosmetic brand and part of the “30 days logo challenge” that I joined for getting realistic briefs and for sharpening my skills. Alison sells skincare products including lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes and eyeliners.

Their current logo was a font that was barely readable in small sizes. The client wished an eye-catching logodesign which improves their product line and overall appearance. Their store uses soft colors, ranging from pinks to purple and they wished to stick to similiar tones.


Logoexplanation. To show the vegan character of the brand, soft skin-colors were combined with a subtle green instead sticking with purple. The mark itself should convey a organic feeling: Containing leaf-looking elements that build the shape and form a lowercase a.
The subline “Cosmetics” was cut off to shorten the brands name and make it more compact. The mark and the type with the color scheme itself show the clients industry perfectly.


Mockups. To convey the new logos message and also to convince the client for the new design, I implement the mark in applications to show the logo design in real-life. The clients niche suits cosmetic related applications very well to show off the logo. Alison is also known for their limited edition subscription box that includes some best-selling cosmetics.