Bent Hansen

I have the honour to be part of a YouTube show called “Logo Therapy”. A show from “the Futur”, a online education platform for creative enterpreneurs. The concept is that two designers redesign logos submitted by the community and show their process in a livestream.

I chose Bent Hansen, a danish furniture brand that crafts premium chairs and other furniture.

Note: All rights regarding to the company’s name belong to Bent Hansen.


Logoexplanation. I tried to simplify the logo by fusing the initials into one bold shape with clear lines. Since their bestselling products are chairs, I thought it would make sense to implement the company’s roots. The main essence of the brand compressed into one closed shape. In order to go along with the skandinavian aesthetic, a sans serif font was used to embrace it’s simplicity.


Mockups. To convey the new logos message and also to convince the client – or in this case the audience – for the new design, I implement the mark in different applications to show the logo in real-life. I try to choose applications that fit the clients field of activity. In this case I made a wooden engraving because wood is a essential material they use for their products. Bent Hansen sells also cushions.