Bergwerk IT

Bergwerk is a german IT company affiliated to the agency I work for and specializes in Webdevelopment and IT infrastructure. The current logo was not representative for the company and their services. It was outdated and people would often associate the mark with a chainsaw, instead of the intended gear.

In order to give the company the appearance it deserves, I made a completely new attempt for the logo relaunch and explored several options, resulting in the final shape you see below.


Logoexplanation. By choosing a hexagon as basic shape, we gain a solid foundation to work with, since the hexagon is the strongest known shape. Hexagonal patterns are prevalent in nature due to their efficiency. Twisting the shape in a gentle way so that it resembles the letter B, gives this mark it’s uniqueness. Guiding the lines in one continously direction adds a nice flow to it without harming the overall balance of the shape.


Mockups. To convey the new logos message and also to convince the client for the new design, I implement the mark in applications to show the logo design in real-life. I try to choose applications that fit the clients field of activity. Since Bergwerk IT is also buying hardware configurations for their clients, it would be possible to brand it’s tech.