This mark was for practice. I decided to develop a imaginary brand for a online payment service because it got some heavy PayPal vibes. This service is for people who work freelance and often struggle with late time payment.

With PayUp, all freelancers shall getting their money in time with handling their accounts via this app. The idea is that whenever a freelancer gets hired, he and the client use this app to settle the terms of payment. When the work is done, the freelancer informs the client and demand his share. The client gets a notification and can instantly send money via the app. If the payment is overdue, the freelancer claims his reward through the app.

Or something like that. Maybe you are a Start-up and know how to put this to work? This logo is for sale!


Logoexplanation. The challenge was to put movement inside the letter whilst staying sturdy and reliable. To achieve that, the shape of an arrow pointing upwards was chosen. The mark contains the arrow as open negative space starting from the bottom left. The shaft of the arrow is folded downwards, forming the leg of the letter P.


Mockups.  To convey the new logos message and also to convince the client for the new design, I implement the mark in applications to show the logo design in real-life.

Because PayUp is a full online service, it makes sense to visualize this in form of an app. A basic UI was done with Adobe XD to show the basics of the app. I also made designs for virtual credit cards.