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Bringing over a decade of design industry expertise, my focus is on guiding designers to produce remarkable work across various media. Through the years, I’ve specialized in brand identity design, fostering collaborations and gaining fresh perspectives in the field.


Steps to build your brand

Video Call

An introduction call where I ask you basic questions about your business, goals and problems that you currently have. This call is to make sure we are a good fit.

*Note that this call is free

Strategy Call

We schedule a strategy call where we deep dive in your business. What makes it tick? Whom do you serve and why?

This will allow me to get a complete picture of the problems and challenges of your business. It will also help to see in which direction you want to set your brand.


I show you the results from my research with the help of our strategy call and present you a stylescape to visualize and propose a possible direction for your brand.

It’s important to make sure we are both on the same page at all times.


During this time I craft the visual identity for your brand and a presentation to provide context with your new designed logo.​ 


I show you the new designed visual identity in a presentation along with applications that demonstrate the brand in real life scenarios. You’re not pushed to make a decision right after. Give yourself some time to think and evaluate.


When the brand design is approved you’ll get your logo in CMYK, RGB, Grayscale and Monotone. You’ll also get your Brand Identity Manual. It defines in detail all the elements used in your brand and how to use them all together. These guidelines cover the basics like the use of logo, colours, fonts aswell as stationery items for your company.


In this call I walk you through the Brand Identity Manual so you fully understand your own new brand. If you have staff in charge of design & communications, it’s useful to include them in this call.​

About Me

I am a brand identity designer from Germany known for a minimalist and clean design style. I use simple shapes and vivid colors to create unique and eye-catching designs that reflect my clients’ values and help them stand out in crowded markets.

I’ve been a guest on the YouTube channel The Futur, where I share my insights and tips on brand identity design, using my expertise as a designer.

What my clients say

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