Not an award winning designer. Wait a minute…

People often try to sell themselves by naming all their awards, prices and so on. Truth is, most of those people want to appear bigger as they actually are. Well, not me. I’m just a guy who loves to craft logos and stuff.

Be honest, stay honest. What you deserve as a client is honesty, transparency and most of all – no bullshit. Hello there, I’m Marcus Rentsch, designer from Germany with a passion for brandidentity design. I work fulltime in an agency but decided that this is not enough for me. That’s why I started my own business.

What I do.

Crafting meaningful and individual designs for you and your audience. With that in mind, we can tell your story and build your business.

By working together as a team, we can achieve this goal. That’s why I intend to interact as equals. At eye level.

What I don't.

Telling you how much experience and qualifications I have. Only that I learned this job for several years and do what I love. 

Brand identity

My process.

1. Explore
In the first phase we explore information about your goals, target audience and competitors. This is required in order to set the right direction for the project. I work through stylescapes to confirm with you the right design direction.
2. Show
After we have covered the briefing and discovery phase, design concepts will be presented of all brand materials using mockups that show the design in real context, printed or digital.
3. Deliver
When the final design concept is chosen and approved, I deliver all files and materials that were included in the project and I briefly give instructions on how to maintain a consistent brand image using the brand guidelines.

A logo is not communication. A logo is identification.

Sagi Haviv